This blog will be a source of my inspiration, and hopefully that of others too. From fashion and decor, to beauty and travel, I hope to bring a little beauty into everyone’s life.


My name is Alexandra. I am currently studying toward my LLB degree at University in South Africa. While I have studied law, I have come to realise that my true passion in life lies in home decor, fashion, beauty, stationery, and in particular blogging about them. I have always been creative and there are so many things that I want to achieve in my life other than sit in a stuffy court room all day or behind a desk pushing paper. I want to explore all my options, and be successful (whatever that means) doing something that makes me happy. Something that doesn’t feel like I’m working. So after a long 5 years of studying law I have decided to put all my efforts into doing what I love.

Thank you for your support & following the progress of my endeavours and that of Tangerine & Pear.