Long gone are the days of over the top cake’s that look nothing like a cake. Last year saw the end of the trend in unique custom cakes that we had all come to know and love , like those of Buddy Valastro’s from the TV show Cake Boss. While these creations were groundbreaking and art in their own right, it was time to say goodbye. 

Blogger Julian Angel, of Historias del Ciervo, ushered in a new era of decadently innovative cakes. These bespoke creations have been captured beautifully by Angel himself, an avid photographer, who is a passionate baker. His creations could be straight out of a fairytale as his cakes are full of colour, passion and elegant design. 

Angel’s cakes combine elements of nature and design in his creations and their settings, which is what makes them so spectacular. His cakes are not only breathtakingly beautiful, but they almost transport you into a more enchanting world. Well, for me at least.

These are just a few of my favourites (links to the recipes included)….

Above: White Cake with Pink Frosting  (video here)

Above: Ombre Green Pistachio and White Chocolate video.

Above: Summer Carrot Cake  (video here)

Above: Luxury White Chocolate and Cherry Layer Cake  (video here)

Above: Vanilla Bean Cake (video here)

Want to give one of them a try? For all recipes by Julian Angel go to his site here. 

Credit: All photo’s are solely those of Julian Angel.


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