Although its mid-November, those Christmas bells have already started jingling. And the dreaded question of what to get your friends and family is looming. While I can usually whip up some great idea’s on what to get my bestie and family, I always struggle with idea’s for my boyfriend. It’s not that its actually hard, but I usually put pressure on myself that the gift needs to mean something or be something he’s been longing to get. But the list is rapidly getting shorter as my past gifts are ticking every idea I’ve ever had off the list.

I’ve tried googling it (Yep, I really did) and pintrest had some strange things to offer but a lot of them revolved around beer and shaving kits. Which is Ok if thats what your guy is in to, but I was looking for something with a bit more depth.

So I have jotted down 5 gift ideas that might get him as giddy as a 6 year old waiting for Santa.

Please note,
this might not be helpful if you date someone who is not obsessed with the outdoors or sport, but I will try include some more versatile options to help you out

1 – Fishing gear.

My boyfriend will spend absolute hours fishing and can spend almost as much time looking at new equipment as I do shopping for clothes (so its quite a lot of time). I’ve noted down a few of the things he’s been really excited about but were a bit too out of his budget to get on the fly. Important tip: ask his fishing budd ies what the best version is to get because the guy at the store will try to rip you off.


image: source

 2 – A mystery box.

If you cant think of anything he wants in particular, get a box of the things he loves or things you think he would enjoy. Try an make them practical, as I find those type of gifts get the best response. In my case I would fill a box with new fishing hooks, a few coupons for a free round of golf, a shirt or two and cologne. Your gifts can vary in price and size, but you get the gist. Have fun and get creative!


Image: source

3 – A trip away.

Book a trip for the two of you to go somewhere he loves or has always wanted to. Make sure you plan the trip so it is all about him and what he likes to do, whether thats hiking, biking, swimming, or even sitting in the middle of nowhere for 3 days doing nothing.


Image: source

4 – A watch.

Its a classic gift, and usually quite an investment on your behalf, but it would mean a lot. You can even get something engraved on it to make it that much more special.


image: source

5 – A weird gadget.

Those new drones or pretty much anything with a remote, I can bet you he will love it.


image: source

And if all else fails? Socks and underwear.




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